RULES 2018

Chapter 1 - EQUIPMENT

Boards up to 14' foot are allowed. For the Long Distance and Marathon events both hard or inflatable boards are allowed. Event organizers may restrict usage of hardboards or set one design class for each of the following disciplines: Hobby Race, M-race, Sprint or Technical Sprint. Foils or Rudders (fins that are able to rotate) are not allowed.

Chapter 2 - SAFETY

Event organizers may require the use of a lifejacket or leash. Riders who do not fulfill event requirements will be disqualified. Each participant of SUP CUP understands that there are certain risks involved and participation is at the rider's own risk. Each participant should be in good health and at a good fitness level. 


Hobby Race - up to 6km race usually with buoys on flat-water conditions. The best option for novices to rocket their paddleboard racing carrier. It's likely that event organizers may restrict the use of hard boards.

Long Distance - 6 to 12km race usually with buoys on flat-water conditions. Good fitness level of participants is required.

Marathon - 10km and longer distance usually on a river. Excellent fitness level of participants is required.

M-race - mix of technical sprint and mid distance race. It's likely that event organizers may restrict the use of hard boards.

Sprint - 100 to 500m of direct sprint. It's likely that event organizers may set one design class. Boards are provided by the event partner.

Technical Sprint - short round with turns around buoys. Both paddle technique and stability with turn ability is important. It's likely that event organizers may set one design class. Boards are provided by the event partner.

Chapter 4 - CATEGORIES

The basic split of categories required by the series is: MEN, WOMEN and JUNIOR up to 18 years. Event organizers may increase the number of categories. For a long distance race or marathon event organizers may restrict the junior category.

Chapter 5 - FEES

The amount of the starting fee will be determined by the authority organizing the race. The fee reflects event costs and are generally between 10 to 30 EUR. The fee can be paid in EUR or in local currency (CZK). Entry fees will not be refunded due to disqualification or withdrawal from the event.


A race skippers meeting is mandatory for all events and will take place at least 30 minutes and not more than 1 hour before the start of the first race. This will be conducted by the Race Director who will inform & explain start, course, finish and risks (weather, tides, wind or boats). The Race Director is permitted to set specific racing regulations or safety regulations. All participants start at their own risk. The race skippers meeting will be in the local language (e.g. Czech, German or Slovak) and in English.

If weather conditions or security do not allow to start of a race the organizer reserves the right to postpone or cancel the race.

Chapter 7 - POINT SYSTEM

SUP CUP has following points system:

  • a base is 300 points for a winner in the sprint or the technical sprint.
  • taking into account special effort in M, long distance or marathon races, a winner will get double points e.g. 600.
  • For hobby races a maximum is 150 points.

For full description please see link.

Chapter 8 - PRIZES

Please see each event flyer for details of prize money or prizes.

Prizes will vary from one event to an another. If prizes are not specified then smalls goodies from event partners will be presented.
The goal is to aim for points and try to get the SUP CUP overall prizes.
1st in Men category - tba
1st in Women category - tba
1st in Junior category - tba
Overall winner (men or women) with the highest count of points will get an inflatable paddleboard JP RACAIR 14'
Overall prizes will be presented after the last race of the SUP CUP - Central European Tour. 


Verbal notification, Time penalty or Disqualification.

Any competitor who attempts to win a race by any other than appropriate means, or who does not follow racing regulations, may be disqualified from the event.

Any competitor who behaves in an excessively aggressive way through his or her conduct or speech towards the competition officials, other competitors, sponsors or spectators, may be disqualified from the event.
A competitor shall not receive external assistance during a race from another competitor or non-competitor.
A competitor providing the external assistance may also be disqualified from the race.
Any competitor who displays unsportsmanlike conduct before, during or after an event may be disqualified. Not knowing the rules is not an acceptable apology.

Chapter 10 - PROTEST

A protest may be made only by a competitor in the event in question. A protest must be filed in writing with a member of the Competition Committee no later than 20 minutes after the competitor has finished a race or received a notice of disqualification. Protests may be made against another competitor or against a disqualification by a Race Official. A fee of 30 EUR shall be paid to the Race Director for a filed protest. The fee shall be refunded if the protest is upheld. When a protest is made against a competitor or Race Official, all parties in question shall be given the protest to read. All protests must have a 3rd party witness or photo/video evidence in order for the protest to be upheld or denied. Protests will be decided on by the Race Director through first-hand accounts as well as any photographic and video evidence.

Chapter 11 - PHOTOS & VIDEOS

By participating in an event, each participant agrees that photos and videos made or taken during the event may be used and published for marketing, press and media purposes on TV, and any social media by SUP CUP and SUP CUP partners.