The fourth stop of SUP CUP 2018 was inseparably on the Bratislava's Danube where a competitors from Slovakia, Czech Republic and Austria took beautiful route from Devin castle to the city center. The total number of race participants climbed to incredible 130.

Just as it has become a habit, this year also launched the Central European Supcup series on Neusiedler See. Also known as Choco Lake, due to the color of its water. The technical race was organized by SUP CLUB BURGENLAND and the racedirector was Rudy Van Haven. The track had the shape of the letter M, where it was necessary...

Racers, who have not own any paddleboard equipment could lend it from out partner Kiboko, who provided us with paddleboards, paddles, leashes, fins and vests. We also cooperated with the Paddleboard GURU, which helped us with SUP equipment, as we wanted to provide as many paddleboards as possible.