The last stop of SUP CUP 2018 which starts from Slovak - Hurganian Dobrohošť is behind us. It was a wonderful race accompanied by beautiful weather and the record breaking number of participants. Thanks to all who came and took part, there where 200 paddlers at the start, it was massive.

The last stop of Central European Tour SUP CUP 2018 is here. And let's tell you that it was really thrilling. As you know, the last SUP CUP's stop was planned in Hungary's Szeget, but unfortunately the Hungarian team has canceled the race at the last minute. But we did not give up! The organizing team of SUP CUP has...

The second year of the Central European Tour SUP CUP 2018 took several other stops. On the second July Saturday we overcame the Slovak part of the Danube after Austria's Neusiedler am See, Poznan in Poland, Brno Reservoir in the Czech Republic.