Thank to our partners


Racers, who have not own any paddleboard equipment could lend it from out partner Kiboko, who provided us with paddleboards, paddles, leashes, fins and vests. We also cooperated with the Paddleboard GURU, which helped us with SUP equipment, as we wanted to provide as many paddleboards as possible.

After the race, people were taken to Arena & Sport Venue Dunajčík by shuttle bus. There were prepared many paddleboard-related activities in a rider zone, where they could rest on Tuli bean bags, test equipment or improve their balance on indo boards provided by Detský Športový Klub. Furthermore, there was a possibility to take a general medical examination given by Všeobecná zdravotná poisťovňa, a.s. On the top of that, there was a free Wi-Fi for all visitors at Dunajčík, so racers could share their after-race feelings on social media. Guests could also buy boards, paddles and SUP accessories provided by our event partners, specifically Kiboko and JP.

The participants could win prizes, which were given by our partners like Kiboko, St. Nicolaus, Všeobecná zdravotná poisťovňa, and Paddleboard GURU Slovakia. Finally, Paddleboard Team Slovakia provided instructors, who were willing to help and improve racers' paddleboard skills.

We would like to thank to all our partners, namely JP Australia, Kiboko, Padddleboard GURU SK & CZ, Paddleboard Team Slovakia, SWAN, 4ka, Tuli, St. Nicolaus, Všeobecná zdravotná poisťovňa, Shoos, Dunajčík, Windsurfer & Kitesurfer magazine, and Detský Športový Klub.