SUP CUP 2018 is coming to a final!


The second year of the Central European Tour SUP CUP 2018 took several other stops. On the second July Saturday we overcame the Slovak part of the Danube after Austria's Neusiedler am See, Poznan in Poland, Brno Reservoir in the Czech Republic.

The race on the Danube was unique through its sightseeing route, which took down the Devin Castle, under the Bratislava Castle, across the city center to the Bratislava's Lido. The first water racing on this majestic route took place in 1937. After more than 80 years, the SUP CUP competition and its director, Kus Sadrovic, succeeded in restoring this tradition.

After four stops and races in different categories, SUP CUP 2018 are coming to a final. The race in Hungary will decide on the overall winner. A paddleboard racket from our main partner KIBOKO ROKETI is ready for the winner of the whole race.

And who should not miss the last opportunity? Nevertheless, the current leaders of this year's SUP CUP race. Do they measure forces?

1. David Raab, CZE 1.600

2. Viktor Devecka, SVK 1.178

3. Kuso Sadrovic, SVK 1.074

1. Lucie Fialova, CZE 1.020

2. Jana Dravecka, SVK 1.000

3. Hannah Krach, GER 840