Rudy - Thank your for 2 stops of the SUP CUP


Rudy van Haven is SUPer race director. We are very happy that we can say Rudy - thank your for the 1st and 2nd stops of the SUP CUP - Central European Tour.

7 QUESTIONS - Who is Rudy?

1) What is your name and age? 

Rudy van Haven, 48

2) What is your sport background/carrier?


3) How many year are you with SUP, please describe your 1st contact with SUP? 

5th year, first contact 2012 italian adria

4) Why are you SUP addicted/fan? 

Try it and you will Know !

5) Who & Why should attend to your event? 

Everybody who will will meet smart and happy people and try something new

6) What is your TopTip for beginners?

Stay calm, water will teach you :)

7) Where is best SUP spot for you? 

Lake Neusiedl in Austria / Lignano in Italy