Neusiedlersee - What a 1st stop of SUP CUP !


Just as it has become a habit, this year also launched the Central European Supcup series on Neusiedler See. Also known as Choco Lake, due to the color of its water. The technical race was organized by SUP CLUB BURGENLAND and the racedirector was Rudy Van Haven. The track had the shape of the letter M, where it was necessary to turn three times around the buoy and to make the maximum between them in sprint. As last year, we were once again welcomed by a very stormy weather, strong winds and waves. But despite the wind, it was pleasant warmth, so no neoprene was needed, just swimsuits.

There were over 40 registered racers in the men and women category. The qualifying took place during the big waves and a strong wind untill the first buoy, which then turned to the right and in the wind direction went after the next buoy, waiting for another round. The qualification has really checked the rider's fitness for paddling, turning ability and stability on the board. The conditions were challenging especially due to big waves, really nothing for beginners.

It was to be seen that some riders on racing boards were suffered and had to finish their ride on their knees. While Paul Lenfant's from Poland - qualification winner on his JP race 14 has gone completely without problems and was followed by another JP team rider Peter Bartl. 

The qualifying was very interesting for the spectators because racers were constantly falling into the water and the weather conditions were changed literally every minute. The riders from Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia have proceed to the final A, so it was very good international competition.

Women's qualification won Kristina Babianková from Czech Republic. Between the qualifying and the main race that took place in the evening was another riders meeting and especially the SupCup 2017 ceremony. The winners of last year's series were Matej Šmida from Slovakia. In women category it was Marcela Ivánková, who, at the same time, with the highest number of points from all women and men, also won the main prize of JP Race 14, which she took home.

At the final we were welcomed with a wonderful atmosphere at sunset. After the windsurfing exhibition came paddleboarders and some of them received a gift, in the form of a calm and smooth wather surface with only a tiny wind. So the second round was already accompanied ideal paddleboard conditions. Suddenly, those who had some wider boards and had good stability losed that advantage. On the contrary, racers on narrower boards got benefit.

The riders were again fighting hard on the buoys. Final B and women final started first, where Kritina Babijanková has won first place. In Final A, Paul von Lefant, from Poland, again had sovereign paddled in the first place. He was followed by an Austrian rider Peter Bart, and the third place belonged to Christian Taucher from the Austrian paddleboard federation. So the elite first three.

The results were evaluated on the stage that floated on the water, during windsurf exhibition. The ceremony was accompanied by the loud music, party and the riders had to get through the spectators who danced, drank drinks, chill on the beach, or have sunbathe.

It was a perfect start in the series! Again we moved one step forward. An unbelievable race, thank you SUP CLUB BURGENLAND and Rudy Von Haven for the perfect organization. The prizes provided the Kiboko Board, which we also thank very much.

We are looking forward for all racers and new magic moments in Poland and then in the Czech Republic. See you on the beach.