The SUP CUP Story


It's always true: the best ideas occur at the beach. When you are relaxing with wind in your hair and the sun shining on your face. This is the SUP CUP story also. 

I spent lot of days on my SUP, racing on rivers and lakes, traveling across Europe with my board and paddle. Looking for the best experiences. Improving my SUP levels with locals.

We were paddling and discussing. Every single dialogue with Rudy, Albey or Ales moved my view of paddleboarding. Special city tours, where you have an opportunity to see the city from a completely different point of view and the epic beaches of Lipno Lake influenced me a lot.

Based on my personal experience we designed a proper mix of events. We combined exciting city races and tours on the Danube river in Vienna & Bratislava with a two, pure paddleboard fests - events full of paddleboarding from morning till sunset. We then added one traditional marathon on old Danube and the first event in World Cup Style to get 6 events. A moderate count resulting in an overall event that every SUPer enthusiast should attend.

The results are always important. Pro athletes paddle hard to beat all the others. You should try to be the best from your group. One of the best feelings after a race is when you have beaten the rest of your car and to hear the rest of crew cheering. Especially when the way home is long. But travelling is a part of our lifestyle. SUPer lifestyle where we travel to meet new people, to visit new cities and paddle on a new spots. We are very happy that our tour can give you an opportunity to try the SUPer lifestyle with us. 

Do not forget during hard racing that paddleboarding is an individual sport. Accordingly only yours feelings are important. If you feel happiness and satisfaction at the end, you did well!

Enjoy our SUP CUP, race fair and follow the rules. See you at the beach.