Everyone is more than welcome ;)


Whether you are an international SUPer athlete, a local hero, a weekend warrior or a first time paddler the SUP CUP is for you! Six events with various types of races that is your SUPer challenge for year 2017.

International SUPer athletes should paddle flat out via the shortest possible direction from start to finish. Local Heroes will also shred hard but they will also provide you info about water, wind, chop and currents.

With the finish line in sight, the smiles on the faces of the weekend warriors will get bigger and bigger.

First time paddlers will become real SUPer paddlers easily. If you can stand up and you can hold a paddle, you can SUP. And it's a wonderful opportunity to take breathtaking selfies during city race & tours. 

All types of paddleboards up to 14' feet (4.27m) are allowed for long-distance and marathon races. Such that we recommend you to start new season on your skinny carbon or inflatable speed specials as soon as possible.

If you want compare your performance head to head with top SUPer athletes, the technical sprint is the right discipline for you. During this competition one design class will be set by the event organizer in order to avoid competitive advantages and disadvantages arising from allowing different types of boards.

Enjoy an exciting and action-filled race. Boards will be provided by event partners. 

We will have paddleboards for rent for all events. Do not wait and book your board in advance.

Enjoy our SUP CUP, race fair and follow the rules. See you at the beach.