7 questions for David Raab - overall winner of SUP CUP 2018


Congratulations to David for the overall victory and we have prepared some questions for him. 

Who is David Raab?

I have been riding SUP for a few years now. This sport has become part of my everyday life and besides racing I also organize and co-organize the races. I stood at the birth of the Czech Cup and the Czech Federation of Stand Up Paddle where I am currently Vice President.

What are your feelings of victory and of course main prize KIBOKO Roketi?

I'm pleasantly surprised because I did not participate in the last race in Dobrohost so I did not expect victory. But the strong participation of high-quality racers from the Tambo team probably pushed lower a potential candidate to the overall victory and decided to me become a owner of new KIBOKO Roketi. I'm looking forward to the win. I do not have an inflatable board now, so KIBOKO Roketi is a great win.

How do you consider individual races of SUP CUP 2018? Which one did you enjoy the best? And which one was challenging for you?

Poland was interesting because I was never be there. Brno has a great atmosphere and Bratislava was a breath taking because of mass of water that flows in the Danube. The most tricky trip to us was in Bratislava. We ran for the start just before the start-up shot without any warm-up and completely rundowned. And when we finally revived we were just enjoying the rolling stream of the Danube. It was a wonderful experience. A 16km/h speed and an occasional speed of over 18km/h are a great experience. The final ceremony was nice because my girlfriend who also won and became Queen of the Danube.

How was this season for you?

I started the season with a broken shoulder blade which I broke during the last skiing but then it was still better and better :) I was on the podium in the Czech Cup and the 1st SUP Championship of the Czech Republic ČFSUP. I was successful in English races and also in SUP CUP 2018. As a cherry on the cake I consider the visit of Chris Parker who is director of the Paddle League. I spent several days with this important personality of the current SUP World. It was great experience and inspiration to train and race together. Perhaps this year I will have another opportunity to get some race somewhere in the ocean in warm weather. I have great pleasure from this season.

Which SUP do you ride?

As a NSP team driver in the Czech Republic I have models NINJA 14 "x 22 'and PUMA 14" x 23,5'. And next year I'm going to change it for new models. I'm looking forward to a new Carolina 2019 14''x 21.5 'model.

Where do you want to go next year with SUP CUP 2019?

I would definitely like to go back to the Danube. It was amazing.

What are you planning for the next season? 

Next year I plan to return to Holland after three years for the final race of 11 Cities. 220 km in five days.