The fourth stop of SUP CUP 2018 was inseparably on the Bratislava's Danube where a competitors from Slovakia, Czech Republic and Austria took beautiful route from Devin castle to the city center. The total number of race participants climbed to incredible 130.

The Wild Danube, with waves and flows, has overcome nearly 80 riders in two major races. The race for the competitors was #MARATHON RACE, which started at the confluence of the rivers Morava and Danube. The route kept underneath Devin Castle, Bratislava Castle, Bratislava Promenade to Petržalka Lido. Consequently, the competitors had the opportunity to enjoy the views of Bratislava for 15 kilometres, which they have not had occasion to do so far.

For beginners, the #CITY RIDE route was designed, which has traditionally begun in Karlova Ves creek. Here the participants first attended the course. Subsequently, the riders accompanied by experienced instructors went on a 5-kilometer route, which was also attractive by the majestic views of Bratislava. Both races ended in a common finish. The more skillful "hobbies" could add to the "elite" racers and at least for a short distance to conquer.

This year's race was also attended by pioneers in the new category. From the Devin castle they went to megaboard and unbeatably won the first place in their category. Is this the beginning of a new category? Will the next year be competitive?

The weather also attracted the races. Could not have been more ideal. Since the early morning, the sun has been shining and there has not been a cloud in the sky, which is always a welcome condition in combination with refreshing water.

And who's the best man and woman in the race? The first place among the men was David Raab from NSP CZ team with an incredible time of 00:48:32. With a delay of more than one and a half minute came to finish Jan Vlcek also from the Czech Republic. And the third place in the category ELITE took Christian Moutsakos from Austria.

  1. David Raab, CZE, 00:48:32
  2. Jan Vlcek, CZE, 00:50:04
  3. Christian Moutsakos, AUT, 00:50:53

The women's fight this year won Lucia Fialova with an unbeatable time 00:53:53. Lucia is just like David Raab from NSP CZ team. She was followed by Jana Dravecka, representing NEONMARS. Etela Pandulova won the bronze place. 

  1. Lucia Fialova, CZE, 00:53:53
  2. Jana Dravecka, SVK, 00:59:37
  3. Etela Pandulova, SVK, 01:01:41

As it has become a tradition, this year was also the fastest man and the fastest woman were crowned for the king and queen of the Danube. And David and Lucia were right to take the winning trophies.

The whole race was accompanied by a very pleasant, family atmosphere for all we thank. After the race, all participants could enjoy great weather, chill on the tulis accompanied by music, dance, beer or prosecco.

Throughout the all day, several accompanying activities were prepared which were enjoyed not only by the racers but also by their families, friends and acquaintances. Everyone had the opportunity to try out various SUPs directly on Danube, balancing aids, longboards and other shows.

Great thanks also to our partners. The main partner of the entire SUP CUP KIBOKO. Thanks to Všeobecná zdravotná poisťovňa which also this year has come to measure our physical condition. Neonmars the first and most specialized paddleboard shop in Slovakia. A Children's sports club for balance aids and also the Bratislavský samosprávny kraj. Last but not least, we thank to Dunajčík Club.